Saturday, May 05, 2007

The 'Practise' Game Mode

One of the things I'm exited about outlining, apart from the core of the mod, is all the small things around it to make sure it has a solid solid foundation for the gaming community. For instance, and I'm sure I'll talk more about this in a future posting, is the ambition to fully support competition-games, with all the surrounding features like warm-up phase, 'ready'-state, ingame game-referee option and all the way up to fully support a distributed broadcast stream of the action to viewing gamers connecting to broadcast-nodes.

Another one is to from the beginning have an alternative game mode around 'practise'. In regards to the amount of server options, for instance what kind of practise-setup to run, it could almost be considered a small sister mod to AvsB in the sence that it will only use a limited amount of the same reasources, primarly the weapons, and sport its own dedicated maps. In a sense it's like taking the concept of aim-maps the community did for CS, BF42 and so on, but give the server owners much more flexability as how to run them. For instance, while playing in rounds (waiting in limbo until everyone on one side is out) is fun, it's not very time efficient. So add option to run sub-modes of the practise mode, for instance 'no deaths' (or whatever name one might call it) that instead forces a player 'killed' into kneeling position, unable to do anything, until timer allows them back into the action. Add option for how much damage one can take, all the way from 200% and down, with additional option of 'one shot'-mode that renders anyone, no-matter what armour, to be considered 'out'.

Or how about sub-mode 'weapons random', where each player are assigned the same weapon and that weapon only and after a pre-set time, again a server setting, every player drops this weapon and gets another random one, again the exact same for everyone.

Optional weapon-list to remove some weapons or for instance only allow one or one kind, as in 'sniper only' and so on, to allow dedicated and focused training.

Properly implemented, all of these sub-modes would be cumulative and a server-owner would be advised to put their usage as info in the server-name. And depending on how much we are able to touch the server-broadcast-code, sent as a game-mode string to allow for easier sorting/filtering in 3rd party browsers. Since we do hope ET:QW will support 3rd party browsers even though many games lately has gone in the opposite direction, allowing only in-game browser or a specific tie-in product.

The practise mode above anything else will be about improving ones handling with the weapons and the the current skill-level. Improving ones 'aim'. But also learn how to manouver on a small map to handle aggressive enemies you know has as only goal to take you out.

We have a lot of small ideas that we are pondering about right now and since we are in pre-production this is your best chance to get any ideas or suggestions you have looked upon and perhaps implemented. The Suggestions-part of our forum is open.


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