Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Devblog for AvsB is launched!

This is the devblog for AvsB - the Quake Wars modification.

You might wonder what the difference between this blog and the news-section of the forum and homepage is? Here all and any teammember can share their experience and whatever comes to mind as the development goes along.

One might say that the news-section contains the big announcements, but here we will write things like 'background of the project', 'initial design we had to alter', 'why we desided on something in some direction' - and this is just regarding design that is one of my areas. In the meantime modelers, texture-artists, mappers and so on will write about what is most current in their area of interest.

Please also note that while every teammmember can write here, nothing written here is to be counted as any official statement in any capacity. Those are always, and only, ever posted as news in the proper sections.


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